SAW+POUR is a jewellery brand dedicated to handmade, playful, high quality foodie jewellery!

All SAW+POUR jewellery is made in our Leeds (UK) based studio by a small team of jewellers.

SAW+POUR was first developed as a collaboration between jeweller Amy Stringer and graphic designer Oliver King. Now Amy spear heads the brand and continues to build on our playful designs!

Why Ramen?!

When the idea to start a new jewellery brand began to build, hours were spent debating where to draw inspiration from. As food lovers the idea of ramen started as a joke, 'Hey, we could do ramen inspired jewellery, wouldn't that be funny?!' but the more time thinking about it, it quickly became obvious that Ramen was actually and incredibly inspirational place to start! The time and effort put into the aesthetics of a good bowl of ramen, from the noodles to the vegetables, the meat, the egg, the utensils themselves - designs began to come together and SAW+POUR came to life. 

The Name

Saw - referring to the jewellers pin saw, an integral tool for making jewellery 

Pour - the ramen broth, poured into the bowl, and your mouth!